Research Scientist Nelson Mensch
Chairman of the Water-Food-Energy Nexus
Executive Committee

Research Scientist Nelson Mensch has served as Board Director of Donsoco Holdings since July 2015.  Mr. Mensch was born and raised in farming.  With over 53 plus years of organic farming and electrical systems engineering experience and career which begun in 1966, Mr. Mensch is an exceedingly prosperous and creative Research Scientist and Inventor of environmentally friendly systems and technologies used in solving water, food, and energy nexus challenges worldwide.  He is the founder and CEO of Mensch Farms LLC and Eco Sustainable Systems LLC, an environmental technology incubator assisting inventors to develop their inventions.

Mr. Mensch leads the Executive Committee of Water-Food-Energy Nexus with the crucial responsibility of continuing the Holdings Ecosystems Corporate Group footprint in introducing, pioneering and optimizing friendly ecosystems innovations, solutions and resources.

Mr. Mensch is a U.S.Air Force veteran who served with distinction as Electric Power Plant Operations Engineer and as a civilian in Energy Systems of the U.S. Navy Polaris Submarine Nuclear Division.

Attorney Michael M. Lee, General Counsel
Donsoco Holdings Ecosystems Group

Attorney Michael M. Lee has served as Independent Board Director and leading General Counsel of Donsoco Holdings since December 2010.  Attorney Lee is a highly-skilled lawyer with a broad range of legal experience gained over 42 years in federal, state, and local jurisdictions.He is a former assistant district attorney and assistant attorney general.

As managing litigation attorney for Hodge & Sheen, P.C., a once preeminent Virgin Islands law firm, Attorney Lee oversaw and led a variety of litigation, labor, mediation, commercial, and regulatory matters.  He has also worked as an adjunct law professor at Cincinnati State College and Southwestern Professional Institute and as staff attorney for Judicial Watch, Inc., a leading public interest law firm in Washington, D.C.

Attorney Lee is a 1974 graduate of Denison University, Granville, Ohio and a 1977 graduate of the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law.

Alejandro Hurtado
President of Donsoco Energy® and Donsoco Farms® Nicaragua

Mr. Alejandro Hurtado has served as Board Director of Donsoco Holdings since August 2015 and is the President of Donsoco Energy® and Donsoco Farms® Nicaragua, including Honduras.

Mr. Hurtado has over 29 years of continued senior leadership experience in international projects and systems team management from initial design to total completion, including implementation of quality control production and profit optimization models for numerous successful businesses in Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, United States and Spain.  Mr. Hurtado has a well-established rapport with top government officials in Latin America and valuable experience in the regulation and quality control processes of industrial energy efficiencies and systems optimization of Central American Counties.

Mr. Hurtado is a decorated veteran soldier who rendered meritorious service to the National Army of Nicaragua as a Transport and Logistic Specialist with exemplary results.

Mr. Hurtado has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management from the American University in Managua, Nicaragua in 2009 and a Bachelor of Computer Science from National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN Managua)in 1996 including, in addition to other complementary professional certifications.

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