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Donsoco Energy® ecosystems technologies can effectively use contaminated and/or uncontaminated water sources from lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and underground, along with human and/or animal waste material from agriculture and other industries including sewage, fracking, etcetera and transforms them into premium-grade potable water and green energy at fixed, affordable and cost-effective prices, while recovering the environment.

As a dynamically developing energy and water private utilities company advancing in a highly promising and growing economies of Africa and Latin America, Donsoco Energy® is well-equipped for meeting electric-power and purified-water intensifying demands of these countries with the most advance clean-water and green-energy production technologies and systems, that are second to none.

Within the scope of the Holdings East Africa Community (EAC) mission and operations, the Government of Kenya Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (KMEP) granted approval to the Holdings utilities company, Donsoco Energy Kenya Limited, for development of Donsoco Shimoni Ecologic Project utilizing marine sources in developmental and installations stages of Donsoco Energy® Seawater-Desalination-Power (SDP) system plants.  The first one will produce 40 megawatts (MW), with subsequent installations of 280 MW plants in series parallel to one another, for reaching the installed capacity and production of 5,000 MW of renewable energy and 3,785,000 cubic meters CM3 of purified-potable water per day.   Donsoco Shimoni Ecologic Project is expected to help the Country of Kenya meet its fast pace demand for clean electric-power and potable water; and in that way provide sustainable jobs to local Kenyans, based on long-term 25-Years Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), as required by Kenya Law.

Donsoco Farms ®organic aquaponics food growing systems can grow more fruits, fish, herbs and vegetables, including beans (organic-dry pulses) and practically any type of flowers with Donsoco Farms® stacked agriculture structure, in comparison to a typical hydroponic agro business production and other conventional types of agriculture.  Donsoco Farms® uses its advanced organic aquaponics food growing systems with Donsoco Energy® purified water and renewable energy technologies for creating sustainable jobs, maximizing product quality, optimizing production, profits and providing social responsibility investments of fresh organic food to nutritional assistance programs for child-bearing women, children and other vulnerable groups.

Donsoco Farms® brand of fresh organic foods packaging is environmental friendly, sustainable, and simultaneously cost-effective. Donsoco Farms®only uses eco-friendly packaging creative in design and material, which includes bio-degradable or compostable plastic and eco-friendly inks that are not toxic.

Donsoco Farms Kenya and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology approved their Innovation Platform denominated “DONSOCO JKUAT Agricultural Innovation Platform”.  As a Think Tank, the Innovation Platform research and development team will work towards optimizing university education, training,research and innovation, with the aim of developing and providing highly skilled human resources in the related fields of agriculture biotechnology, engineering, enterprise development and other specialist as required to Donsoco Farms Kenya organic food growing facilities, which are planned for development throughout Kenya.

Donsoco Financial® is the funding and investment arm of the Holdings Ecosystems Corporate Group.  It can raise capital used in creating, developing, growing or acquiring energy-water-food nexus businesses for maximizing shareholder value.

Given the accomplishment of the Holdings criteria for funding Donsoco Energy® value-adding projects such as the Donsoco Shimoni Ecologic Project, which will have ecofriendly assets producing sustainable income under 25-Years Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) as required by Kenya Law, Donsoco Financial® can provide the sources of funding and capital structure used for development and investment in this Project.

Similarly, Donsoco Farms® will require organic products exit contracts, including longstanding PPAs and WPAs with its sister company, Donsoco Energy®, for funding its value-adding projects, which will have assets producing sustainable income.



Pursuant to receiving the approval of a long-term Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Donsoco Energy® utilities and an electric power transmis-sion and water distribution company, in accordance with policies and laws of the country’s Government Cabinet Level Ministries or Departments, we will fund and invest in the entire project.

Project Overview


The project developments include the manufacturing of specialized equipment, technologies installations, operations and maintenance.

Donsoco Energy® ecologic project will provide sustainable jobs and training to local communities with the most advanced and eco friendly renewable energy and potable water production technologies that recovers the environment.

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