Donsoco Energy® Technology Illustration

Donsoco Energy® Waste-Water-Power (“WWP”) and Seawater-Desalination-Power system (“SDP”) systems have redundant technologies developed and tested over a 40 years period for consistently providing reliable power and water supplies 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, without production drawbacks while decontaminating and recovering the environment.

The Seawater-Desalination-Power system (“SDP”) is clearly illustrated in the following step by step using any Kenyan Seaport to generate green energy, potable water, decontaminate the seaport and recover the environment:


Donsoco Energy® Seawater-Desalination-Power system (“SDP”) step by step operation process

Donsoco Energy® zero CO2emission power production and end-products

The Seawater-Desalination-Power system (“SDP”) zero CO2 process is illustrated in the steps below using any Seaport to generate green energy, clean syngas, medical-grade oxygen water, purified water, medical-grade oxygen, food grade natural salt, while decontaminating the seaport.  Effluent is destroyed by the plasma system unit leaving no toxic waste or pollution traces. Donsoco Energy® DPS Systems leave no need for landfill waste disposal or detrimental ocean out falls.

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