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Donsoco Holdings is a resourceful, innova-tive, and privately held corporate group focused in the leadership, management, investment and development of long-term interactive-ecosystems projects, providing resilient solutions to the growing demand and shortages of water, energy, and food in Africa, Latin America and other vital international markets through our international name brand companies.

The Holdings name brands includes Donsoco Energy®, Donsoco Farms®, and Donsoco Financial®. Our leading team and corporate group management are efficaciously developing the Holdings brands into a leading and diverse international ecosystems corporate group wherein:

  • Donsoco Energy® is a leading utilities brand company producing and delivering premium-grade potable water and green energy at fixed, affordable and cost-effective prices in Africa, Latin America and other vital international markets, while recovering the environment.
  • Donsoco Farms® is a leading organic aquaponics food brand company growing seasonal crops the whole year round with zero emissions and suppling superior-healthy 100% organic certified products accessible at affordable prices in Africa, Latin America and other vital international markets.
  • Donsoco Financial® is a leading financial solutions brand company raising capital used in creating, develop-ing, growing and acquiring energy-water-food nexus businesses for maximizing shareholder value.

The Holdings Ecosystems Corporate Group are in position to create enduring value to their customers and shareholders, through outstanding leadership, management and growth-oriented investment strategies.

Why Choose Us

Leading team

Victorino Concepción

Mr. Concepción has served as Board Director, Chairman and CEO of Donsoco Holdings since January 2009. Having over four decades of outstanding and progressive executive experience …

Chonfong Paul Yang

Mr. Yang has served as Board Director of Donsoco Holdings and Chief Operating Officer since January 2009 overseeing the Holdings ongoing and diverse ecosystems projects, operations and procedures …

Andrea Brandão

Ms. Brandão has served as Board Director of Donsoco Holdings and Senior Finance Executive since April 2011 and is the President of Donsoco Financial®, with the primary responsibility of …

Ambassador Dr. Rashid Ali

Donsoco Holdings Corporation Board of Directors appointed on 28 February 2019 Ambassador Dr. Rashid Ali, an internationally known, very valued, skilled, serious-minded and result-oriented….

Research Scientist Nelson Mensch

Research Scientist Nelson Mensch has served as Board Director of Donsoco Holdings since July 2015.  Mr. Mensch was born and raised in farming.  With over 53 plus years of organic farming and electrical systems.…

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