Kenya ministry of energy and petroleum approves donsoco shimoni ecologic project

The Government of Kenya Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (KMEP) granted approval to Donsoco Energy Kenya Limited for development of Donsoco Shimoni Ecologic Project utilizing marine sources in developmental and installations stages of Donsoco Energy® Seawater-Desalination-Power (SDP) system plants, with the first one producing 40 megawatts (MW), continuing with installations of 280 MW in series parallel to one another up to reaching 5,000 MW of renewable energy and 3,785,000 cubic metersCM3 of purified-potable water per day.

Pursuant to the completion of (1) a feasibility and environmental study of the Donsoco Shimoni Seaport Project, and (2) an economic impact study of the Donsoco Shimoni Ecologic Project regarding its sustainable long-term benefits as required by Kenya Laws, Donsoco Energy Kenya Limited, Kenya Power and Lighting Corporation, and Kenya Coastal Water Board Service will execute the corresponding long-term 25-Years Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the formerly agreed Feed in Tariffs for clean-renewable energy generation and purified-potable water production.  The project infrastructure, grid connection point, and water and power line routing location are planned for development and placement in Kwale County five (5) acres land fronting the sea at Port of Mombasa.

DONSOCO Ecosystems Corporate Group and its Leading Teams are exited and confident with their plan to build a rewarding ecofriendly renewable energy and medical-grade purified water producing project.  Once completed, Donsoco Shimoni Ecologic Project will supply clean, high-quality, cost-effective, potable-water and green-energy solutions to Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited (KPLC) and Kenya Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) and their regional Water Services Boards (WSBs), thereby helping meet the needs of local Kenyan communities, agriculture and industries within the energy-water-food ecosystems nexus.

Besides providing an economic solution to Kenya’s energy-water-food shortages, Donsoco Energy ecosystems technologies removes pollutants and toxic elements from the earth’s natural water resources, while converting them into renewable electrical energy and potable-medical grade water for use in agriculture, industries, household, recreational and environmental activities.

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