DONSOCO HOLDINGS CORPORATION board of directors announces a temporary stall in the launching of its cryptocurrency ecosystem utility tokens dubbed AFTACOIN® until further notice in the first quarter of 2021, amid the surging economic impact of COVID-19 on the global economy, which has consequently resulted in dramatic reductions in energy utility services, curbing investments and industrial outputs on gross domestic products propelled by lockdown of economies in most of the world countries.

The Chairlady of the Holding’s Finance and Investment Committee and Blockchain Team, Ms. Andrea Brandao, explained that “AFTACOIN®, a listed cryptocurrency virtual asset structured in the Ethereum-Blockchain decentralized platform for empowering the development of water, energy, and food security projects throughout the African Continent Free Trade Area countries (the “AFTA Countries”) comprising 54 members of the African Union except Eretria, was scheduled to be unveiled in its whitepaper around November 2020 for the offering of its utility asset tokens inventory of 400 million”. Ms. Brandao uttered that “regrettably, the postponed whitepaper offering would have commenced proactive trading of initial token offerings (the “ITOs”) planned in volume stages for funding the Holding’s first green energy project of 40 Megawatts in Kenya as justified and demanded by the cryptocurrency market, through registered global exchanges, various marketing websites, multimedia communities and sources, cryptocurrencies ecosystems’ networks, and agents to name a few”.She added that “the AFTA countries agreement represents the world’s largest free trade area since the formation of the World Trade Organization”.Moreover “this accord is the future economic growth engine of the world, as it covers a growing market population of over 1.27 billion people including a rising middle class and a progressively increasing gross domestic product (GDP) of about $3.4 trillion USD”, Ms. Brandao described.

According to the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) estimates, the removal of tariffs and non-tariff barriers under the AFTA concurrence is expected to increase intra-African trade by US$ 34.6 billion (52.3 percent above the 2022 baseline).  Donsoco Holdings Board is therefore confident articulated Ms. Brandao “that given the overall positive outlook for the future of the African continent economic health portrayed by the ECA, coupled with the eradication of the global coronavirus pandemic taking its course, while moving away from the financial havoc created by COVID-19 with a robust economic recovery, at this turning point the AFTA pact will help increase employment and facilitate better use of local resources with improvement of ecological infrastructures”.   In continuing her statement Ms. Brandao said that“this will help facilitate the reemerging demand for development of the Holding’s water, energy, and food security ecologic projects, which will in turn support the resurgence in manufacturing, agriculture, and expand access to economical products and services throughout the new 54 countries intra-African free zones, as well as stimulate growth from regional exports to global marketplaces”.

In summarizing her statements, Ms. Brandao further elaborated that “although Donsoco Holdings Board is optimistic by the resilient actions taken from the respective governments of the AFTA Countries to curtail the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Holding will continue funding and developing ecosystem projects in countries with best risk mitigation practices introduced to safeguard their people, economies, and the Holding’s long-term revenue producing assets.”


About Donsoco Holdings Corporation

Donsoco Holdings Corporation (DHC) is a USA private asset holding corporation engaged in the opportune and rapidly growing energy subsector market of renewables, with its expert, vigorous, and resourceful leading management team. Through collaborative leadership teams and resourceful ecosystems corporate group, DHC is well-equipped to manage its finances and investments, including the engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and development of long-term interactive-ecosystems projects, providing resilient solutions to the growing demand and shortages of energy, water, and food security due to fast growing populations, emerging economies, and industries in Latin America, Africa, and other vital markets.

DHC renewable water and power utility subsidiaries are responsible for the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of DHC power plants under the trade names of Donsoco Energy Honduras S.A. de C.V., Donsoco Energy (NI) S.A., Donsoco Energy Brazil Ltd, Donsoco Energy Kenya Limited and Donsoco Energy Tanzania Limited.  The water and power plants O&M activities include day-to-day preventative and corrective maintenance, workforce, assets, and site management, maintaining health and safety, and a host of other important tasks such as facility premises security and the like. Donsoco Farms Brazil Limited, an organic food growing, packaging, and distributing name brand enterprise of DHC, is poised to developing organic food growing facilities throughout local states of Brazil, pursuant to the favorable decrease and suppression of COVID-19, in addition to receiving financing and investments.

SOURCE: Andrea Brandao, Chairlady of the Holding’s Finance and Investment Committee and Blockchain Team

For further information contact DHC Ecosystems Corporate Group Brazil at the following: or call +55 21 3747-1901/1902/1903/1904

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