Donsoco ecosystems group utilities company donsoco energy kenya limited and shelter solutions ltd announced their multilateral agreement with kenya coast development authority (cda)

Donsoco Ecosystems Group utilities company Donsoco Energy Kenya Limited and Shelter Solutions Ltd, a multidisciplinary partnership conducting business under the registered trademark name of Donsoco Energy® Kenya Limited, are delighted to announce their multilateral agreement as official partners of Kenya Government Coast Development Authority (CDA) and Kwale County Government for development of a $90 billion USD industrial project in Kwale County dubbed Shimoni Industrial Development Project (SIDEP), wherein the existing Shimoni Port and surrounding industrial zones and SIDEP components are developed through the permitted Public Private Partnership (PPP) master plans, thereby transforming the surrounding Kwale County Districts into world class ecofriendly model communities and cities, by employing Donsoco Energy® utilities Seawater-Desalination-Power (“SDP”) plants at Shimoni Port and its Waste-Water-Power (“WWP”) plants at SIDEP waste management facilities for:

  1. generating 11,200 megawatts (MW) plus of very cost-effective green power under a 25-years power purchase agreement (PPA) between Donsoco Energy Kenya Limited and Kenya Ministry of Energy and Petroleum; and over 5 million cubic meters (CM3) of daily purified-potable water under a 25-years water purchase agreement (WPA) between Donsoco Energy Kenya Limited and Kenya Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Sanitation;
  1. using energy and irrigation from the clean water so produced to help ventures maximize their existing mining growth potential of the regions’ hinterland as well as optimize natural agricultural production practices, while decontaminating and recovering the environment;
  1. providing clean energy and potable water to developing industries and companies constructing a modern communication network of roads and railways to all agriculturally potential areas along with the mineral rich neighborhoods, to link the produce to the factories that are created for value addition production;
  1. enhancing the quality of lives of the entire communities and residents of Kwale County with clean energy and potable water, including those identified towns that will develop across the County with the building of modern-comfortable living quarters offering all modern amenities including schooling, hospitals and shopping alongside agricultural produce buying centers to offer the necessary energy-water-food security linkages;
  1. boosting the economy through savings in clean energy and portable water to businesses such as bulk grain millers, storage facilities, fishing ports, tourism destinations, education centers, food processing, infrastructure development, Shimoni Port operation organizations and new Shimoni International Airport to name a few;
  2. financing, manufacturing, installing components, training personnel, developing and operating the SDP and WWP clean energy and purified-potable water generation plants, along with the distribution networks and waste management systems of the entire Shimoni Industrial Development Project (SIDEP), in developmental phases per SIDEP project specifications.

According to Donsoco Energy Kenya President Dr. Eng. Floris JC Brand, “the placement of Donsoco Energy advanced technologies in collaboration with the multilateral Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement for development of the Kwale County Shimoni Industrial Development Project (SIDEP) will assist the Government of Kenya 2030 Vision meet its economic, social, and legislative pillars with the production of 11,200 megawatts (MW) plus of clean energy and over 5 million cubic meters (CM3) of daily purified-potable water in progressive developmental phases having fixed prices incentives approved by Kenya Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and Kenya Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Sanitation for providing Kenya 2030 Vision benefits to Kwale County residents, including the expanding agriculture, livestock, tanneries, mining, shipping ports and other vital industries.”  He further particularized that “the fixed prices incentives under the mandatory 25-years power purchase agreement (PPA) and 25-years water purchase agreement (WPA) with Donsoco Energy Kenya will protect consumers against inflation and the rising cost of energy, water, and food production while receiving environmental and numerous economic benefits in addition to generating new sustainable jobs and competent work positions for Kwale County residents, with the advantage of having the know-how of operating the most advanced technology in the world for producing premium-potable clean water and ecological energy.”

Dr. Brand stressed that “this multilateral Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement for the 25-year development of the Kwale County Shimoni Industrial Development Project (SIDEP), of which is being viewed by significant global audiences, will allow a strategic expansion of Donsoco Energy® brand recognition internationally by association of its partnership with Shelters Solutions Ltd, Kwale County Shimoni Industrial Development Project (SIDEP), Government of Kenya 2030 Vision, Kenya Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, and Kenya Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Sanitation.


The Donsoco Energy® clean power and water generation, including its distribution network and waste management system project component of the SIDEP has an estimated net value of $15.9 Billion USD. This project (hereinafter the “water-energy-food nexus” or ”WEF Project”) will use Donsoco Energy® seawater-desalination-power (SDP) system, where the seawater is the source of producing the clean fuel for green power generation and purified water supplies, in addition to Donsoco Energy® Waste-Water-Power (“WWP”) system which utilizes water and solid sewage, human waste, and other bodies of polluted or unpolluted fresh water in rivers, lakes, underground etcetera, as the other source for producing green energy and purified water for the entire Shimoni Integrated Development Project.

The WEF Project will produce 11,200 megawatts (MW) plus of clean power and over 5 million of cubic meters (CM3) of purified water daily at its point of completion.  The purified water and green energy will be used for supplying demand for the industrial sector enterprises, along with irrigation and agriculturally diverse businesses included in SIDEP, while at the same token supporting the energy, water, and food security nexus within a balanced ecosystem of the Kwale County region. The WEF project will also have other workings that includes the development and installation of an ecofriendly power and water distribution network for the Industrial park, new Shimoni City, all Kwale towns, proposed commercial farms and subsistence farming, an Industrial port, a new-modern cargo and passenger airport and a fish port amongst others.

Shelter Solutions Ltd and SIDEP Managing Director Mr. Saleh Mung’ang’a on your left signing the SIDEP Public Private Partnership with the Coastal Development Authority (CDA) commented that “as an integral partner of Donsoco Energy Kenya Limited, Shelter Solutions Ltd will provide its engineering, consultancy, industrial and estate development expertise and resources to Kwale County, the Coastal Development Authority (CDA) and Shimoni Industrial Development Project (SIDEP) for successfully implementing and completing the integrated-multilateral Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreed master plan for the entire Kwale County area – a region with valuable resources and tremendous economic potential – under which the prevailing Shimoni port is transformed into a world class Industrial Port and Kwale County districts are developed into world class ecofriendly model cities and communities, by utilizing Donsoco Energy® utilities Seawater-Desalination-Power (“SDP”) and its Waste-Water-Power (“WWP”) for ensuring water, energy, and food security which are central for sustainable development of the SIDEP project.”

The 25-year SIDEP plan is a multiple layered initiative set to revolutionize the economy of Kwale County and the entire Kenyan Country by using Donsoco Energy® technology solutions.  This agreement is a huge endorsement of a bright future for the county of Kenya.  “Shelter Solutions Ltd (SSL) management is excited to be joined in partnership with Donsoco Energy Kenya whose vision shares our strategy for development of SIDEP to promote water, energy, and food security plus provide economic sustainability and healthy living for all Kenyans”, concluded Mr. Mung’ang’a.

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